RIP Twitter - Facepalm

If you haven’t already heard, Twitter died last night in a horrific train wreck brought about by the deadly head-on collision between overzealous corporate strategy and the wants of the average consumer. Beginning next week, Twitter will start rolling out some MAJOR changes to its platform, a large part of which will include Predictor Algorithms, whose primary purpose is to deconstruct user behavior patterns, and arrange the user’s Twitter Timeline in a priority based format, as opposed to the current real-time chronological format. Essentially, Twitter’s Algorithms will now decide what you, the user, like/dislike, and serve up content to you based on that criteria, instead of the usual real-time tweets. That’s fucking BULLSHIT! No wonder everyone on Twitter is fucking outraged by this new ass-fuckery, which in turn has caused the hashtag – #RIPTwitter – to be the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter for the past 30+ Hours. The whole reason why people use Twitter is for the rapid-fire real-time updates/Tweets. When you take that model and turn it upside down, what you get is fucking Facebook and it’s fucking ‘Top News Stories’ Algorithms deciding what content is appropriate for you and what content should be discarded from your Timeline.

Despite my seething hatred for Social Media and all that it embodies, I do use Twitter on a regular basis for Sports and Technology News, Trending Topics, and just pure amusement. I’m a huge Retweeter and Favoriter. But the only reason why I exist on Twitter is for the real-time updates from users around the world. Once you take that away and replace it with Algorithms, Twitter doesn’t really serve any use for me, or others for that matter, thus making it expendable.

With that said, I am a fair minded person. Being an Entrepreneur and an Innovator, I am however curious to see exactly WHAT these new changes will look like, and how the users will react to them. Will they love these new changes, or will they abandon Twitter in search of a better and more efficient Social Media platform? Stay tuned for the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!

Posted: February 6, 2016 at 3:59 pm

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