Why I Traded My iPhone For a Brand New Samsung Galaxy S5

iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy

I’m DONE!!!!

After almost 5 years, I’ve decided to give up and move on from my iPhone – more specifically iOS – and explore the new realm of possibilities with the Android OS. To be quite honest, it’s not even the iOS. I’ve just grown tired of the BS coming out of Apple, rehashing the same old products, and shoving it down the blind iZombie crowds’ throats – “Here, have this new iPhone 6, which is the same as the iPhone 5, except this one has a bigger screen.” – #Bullocks!

When the rumors of the iPhone 6 first started making rounds around the internet, I was super excited; I was under the assumption that Apple is going to revolutionize the Smartphone game once again, and do something totally unexpected. Unfortunately, Apple came out with the same old sh*t – this time with a larger screen. I mean seriously, that’s how stupid the blind user base of Apple is. They don’t ask questions. Just bend over and fold like a cheap tin foil. Pathetic, I tell you!

For me, the straw that finally broke the camel’s back was the f**kin piss poor battery life of the iPhone. I had reached a point where I would charge my iPhone overnight (8 Hrs Straight), and then by afternoon I was scrambling to find a power outlet just so I could keep the phone alive for basic calling functions. Using the Internet, Wi-Fi and 4G LTE, was not even an option. To some, this might sound like I’m exaggerating stuff, but believe me, I’m NOT. If I wanted to exaggerate, I would have dropped couple references to Unicorns and Tooth Fairies in the previous paragraphs.

For years I’ve been a loyal Muppet/Borderline BITCH of Apple, buying every piece of overpriced garbage that they put out there. NO “F**KING” MORE!

Which is why, last week I traded my POS iPhone for a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 – Android OS – and man, I’m so glad that I made the switch. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is faster, has a better battery life, and the Android OS is just out-of-this-world Awesome. The flexibility that Android OS offers, not just to users, but App Developers, is simply mind-blowing. Add to that the fact that the Google Play Store is a BILLION Times better and more efficient than the iTunes App Store, which is mediocre at best.

To Summarize: I’m DONE With The iPhone and ALL iOS Devices. Unless Apple can come up with some Matrix Sh*t, I ain’t going back.

Now, that is a conscious choice that I’ve made as a consumer of tech products. The fact that I as an individual am switching from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S5, does not mean that I’m just going to stop developing iOS Apps. As a matter of fact, I’m going to up the ante and launch some really cool iOS Apps for iPhone and iPad in the coming weeks/months.

PS: In case you were wondering why I haven’t updated the App Store Download Blog in almost a month, I’m recovering from an ACL Reconstruction Surgery. I’m at the 4 Week mark right now, and I am able to sit on my computer for couple of hours without any pain. What that means is that I’ll be updating the blog regularly, moving forward.

Keep an eye out for some really cool blog posts and technology guides.

To participate in this iPhone .vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 discussion, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

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