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The question that’s been setting the IMDb message-boards and the Internet on FIRE for the past couple years, really isn’t that hard to answer. People make it out to be some sophisticated BS, but truth be told, there’s one TV show that reigns supreme and it’s not even that close. Yes, I’m indeed talking about The Wire. Hand’s down one of the greatest TV shows of all time – this coming from a dude who watched Breaking Bad first and then binged the shit on The Wire. As an avid fanatic of Gangster Movies and TV shows, for years I thought that Breaking Bad was the greatest TV show created by Man, and I would go ape-shit on anyone who argued otherwise. Breaking Bad – Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Gus, etc… the whole gambit was unlike anything I’d ever seen. Simply mesmerizing. Then, last month, December 2015, I finally got around to watching the 1st season on The Wire, and motha-fuckeeerrrrrr, it was straight FIREEEEEEEE!!!!

I simply couldn’t, and cannot, stop watching The Wire. The show just fucking sucks you in with its uber-genus style of storytelling, fucking mind-fuckingly exceptional character development and acting, and just the whole focus on the whole “Gangster” aspect of the story, as opposed to some sobbing sorry ass characters in Breaking Bad that were just too focused on solving internal conflicts and getting things right with their wives and girlfriends. I absolutely love Breaking Bad for its sheer brilliance, but I cannot and will not concede that Breaking Bad was a better overall show than The Wire.

Everyone has varying tastes. I’m someone who prefers dynamic character and rapidly moving storylines. That shit keeps me engaged. Breaking Bad on the other hand, was one of the slowest TV shows I’d ever seen. In fact, there was an entire fucking season dedicated to the shitty relationship between Walter White and his bitch­-ass wife. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Bottom Line:

The Wire is the greatest TV Show ever created in the history of Television. If you are someone who enjoys just the characters, go ahead and watch Breaking Bad. But if you want some real raw and brilliantly written storylines and hardcore fuckery, The Wire is the show for you.

Posted: January 2, 2016 at 11:38 am

The Wire .vs. Breaking Bad – Which One’s Better?