The Power of Rebranding Your Apps


As app developers and business people in general, one of the biggest challenge we face is to make sure our products stay relevant. It is one thing to create an out-of-the-world awesometastic product, it is a different thing to get people to buy the product. I’ve seen countless Apps on the iTunes and Google Play Store that were just fucking – aahhhhh – well designed and well developed, but there they were just sitting there in the App Store Wasteland, generating little to none revenue for the poor App Developer. I can say this with confidence because I been on the receiving end of having my apps relegated to the wastelands.

Then there are Apps that were once hugely popular, one-hit-wonders so to speak, and now are just flat out dead because of competition and copycats. No matter which sad non-revenue generating above mentioned category your App falls in, after years of trial and error, I’ve found that instead of giving up on your Apps and your dream of becoming a self-employed Dev, you need to leverage the Power of Rebranding Your Apps .i.e. Same App, New Packaging.

When you see your revenues/downloads declining significantly, instead of dumping your old Apps and starting all over again with a new idea, and going through the whole dragged-out Design-Develop-Market cycle over and over again, you should strongly consider making simple changes to your existing Apps; you’d be surprised with the results!

The simple changes that I’ve talking about are as follows:

  • App Name
  • App Icon
  • App Description
  • App Store Keywords
  • Design Changes – Color Schemes

Making these changes will take only a couple hours, but believe me, it is waaaaayyy more efficient and rewarding than starting from scratch.

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