The Market for Android Apps Is Getting Too Crowded

Although this might sound a bit counter-intuitive, since we are in the business of App Development, I thought it would be nice to shed some light on the problems, standards, and the quality of apps that are listed on the Google Play marketplace for Android Apps. Compared to Apple, the quality of apps, not all, but certainly a (un)-healthy majority, listed on the Google Play store is pretty pedestrian to say the least. The reason being, anyone, even someone who learned coding watching YouTube videos, can list their apps on the Google Play store with little to no quality checks. As a matter of fact, any and all apps that are submitted to the Google Play store are automatically published without any legitimate formal review; which if you ask me is extremely frustrating for the end user, because they don’t really know exactly what it is that they are downloading .i.e Malware, Virus, etc… Because unlike Apple’s iOS, the Android platform can be hacked, thus giving unauthorized access to hackers, who can then use backdoors to access personal information stored on your Android device.

Alright, back to my original train of thought: The fact that Google doesn’t have a legitimate App review process in place, is making it hard for REAL App Developers to make any serious income selling Android Apps on the Google Play store. The reason being, any Tom, Dick, Harry can slap couple lines of code together, and publish a Hot-Dog-Stand App, loaded with Advertisements and Malwares, thus diminishing the overall credibility of the apps listed on the Google Play App Store. This is one of the main reasons why App Development companies like us, are discouraged from developing Android apps.

I hope that as the number of Android users expands, Google will eventually start allocating some of its resources to ensure that all apps submitted to the Google Play store go through a rigorous review process, and make sure that only the apps that meet the required standards are approved for sale. This will reduce the number of crappy pedestrian apps that are submitted every day, and encourage companies/app developers like us to develop quality apps that the customer actually want to use. And although this won’t happen overnight, I’m hopeful that Google will address this glaring flaw in the App Eco-System, before it’s too late.


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