The Importance of Cloud Storage In App Development

Hate being redundant, but Cloud Computing is the FUTURE. No matter where you look, every company is scrambling to migrate all their data on the Cloud, so that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Think of Cloud as a Backup CD or Floppy Drive (if you still use them), that you can carry with you wherever you go. Just pop the CD and continue working on whatever project you were working on. It’s simple, and Highly Efficient.

Despite this, I find it really amusing that many App Developers are still resistant to integrating Cloud Storage in their Mobile Applications; which makes no sense what-so-ever, because Cloud Storage has ZERO effect on the overall functioning of the App. You just have to add a simple module to your code, and that’s it.

At a recent App Developers Conference in New York, I got into a heated debate with one of the fellow Developers. His argument was that Cloud Storage slows down the App considerably, and hence he avoids integrating it into his Mobile Applications. That’s total BS. The QuickNotes App on App Store Download has complete Cloud Integration with iCloud and DropBox, and it’s one of the fastest Notepad Apps on the iTunes App Store; even faster than the almighty Evernote.

Some apps are poorly coded, and are inherently Slow – Cloud or No Cloud.

And even if in an alternate universe, Cloud Integration slows down the App just a little bit, is it that bad. I mean what would you rather prefer: Having all your data backed-up in one place, or losing it just cause you deleted the App by mistake or the App malfunctioned or your phone was stolen. If you ask me, I’d much rather have my important data backed-up and accessible from anywhere in the world, as opposed to keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that I never do something stupid with my phone, or worse: Lose my phone.

The fact that a majority of work and financial transactions will soon take place over Mobile Devices, I believe it’s important that companies like Apple and Google mandate App Developers to integrate Cloud Storage in their Apps; not all apps, but at least the ones that store important user data – Documents, Credit Card Numbers, Banks Accounts, User IDs and Passwords, etc…

In conclusion, I’ll just say this:

The next time you download or purchase an App, make sure to check whether it has Cloud Integration or not. If the answer is NO, find an App that has Cloud Integration.

Good Luck 🙂


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