Super Bowl 50: The Final Prediction

Panthers Broncos Super Bowl 50

Well, if it weren’t for Andy Reid’s now legendary Clock Management, and Vontaze Burfict almost decapitating Antonio Brown from the neck up, and the Packers defense choking as always in the OT loss against the Arizona Cardinals, my previous NFL Playoffs predictions were almost on point! The operative word here is ‘ALMOST’…. With that said, I’m one of those gambling addicts that won’t stop until I get my just due, which is why I’m going to make a bold prediction today; so much so, that my prediction might just cause idiot Stephen A Smith @ First Take to spontaneously combust while screaming and simultaneously race-baiting people into thinking that I’m only making this prediction because Cam Newton is BLACK!

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NFL Playoffs Predictions – 2015/16 All-or-Nothing Edition

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It’s that time of the year where Men and Women around the United States are glued to their Televisions for the latest news, injury reports, and analyst predictions about what the future holds for their beloved NFL teams, and how deep of a run can they make in the playoffs. In case you haven’t noticed, or maybe I forgot to mention this, but I am a HUUUUGGGEEE fanatic of Football, The NFL, and above all, THE Green Bay Packers – the greatest sports franchise in the history of EVER! It’s just feels like the right time for me to throw my 2 cents and the accompanying predictions out there, and hope that they come true, so I’ll have something to brag about this offseason.

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