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IPhone X vs IPhone 11 Pro

IPhones are one of the few phones that garner a loyal and multifaceted fan base globally. Its premium design and unique UI has created a special place for it in the consumers’ hearts. Which is why choosing from the In-house favourite models becomes a tough choice in itself. Not only

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iPhone Wi-Fi

Turn Your iPhone Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Sharing is caring; or at least that’s what everyone wants us to believe. Now you can share your LOVE and Wi-Fi .via. iPhone. Many people don’t even know this cool feature even existed. But it does, and I’m going to show you how you can turn your iPhone into a

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iPhone Battery

The Maximum iPhone 5 Battery Life

While surfing some Apple Forums and Message Boards this week, I noticed a common recurring theme among the iPhone loyalists: The poor battery life of iPhone 5. Although the observations varied from user-to-user, everyone seemed to agree that the battery life of iPhone 5 isn’t what Apple markets it to

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iPhone Backup

How To Create An iPhone Backup – iCloud and Local Backup

Is the world PERFECT? If you answered YES, stop reading immediately and go check out the great apps on App Store Download. If you answered NO, congratulations, you’re more sane than 99.99999% of the world’s population. The truth is, in the real world, Sh*t happens. That’s just the way we

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iTunes iPhone Ringtone

How To Create An iPhone Ringtone

Do you know why Smartphones are awesome? Because they are really SMART. I remember back in the day, when NOKIA was the biggest player in Mobile devices .i.e. Cell Phones. The Symbian OS was probably the greatest thing since sliced bread. Those black and white phones with small screens and

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iPhone Gold Diamonds Case

How To Improve iPhone Battery Life

For a long time, one of the knocks against the iPhone has been its “Not So Efficient” Battery Life. Every year, the CEO of Apple (Steve Jobs and now Tim Cook) takes the stage to introduce a new version of the iPhone, promising that this time it would be different;

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