Why I Traded My iPhone For a Brand New Samsung Galaxy S5

iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy

I’m DONE!!!!

After almost 5 years, I’ve decided to give up and move on from my iPhone – more specifically iOS – and explore the new realm of possibilities with the Android OS. To be quite honest, it’s not even the iOS. I’ve just grown tired of the BS coming out of Apple, rehashing the same old products, and shoving it down the blind iZombie crowds’ throats – “Here, have this new iPhone 6, which is the same as the iPhone 5, except this one has a bigger screen.” – #Bullocks!

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The Maximum iPhone 5 Battery Life

iPhone Battery

While surfing some Apple Forums and Message Boards this week, I noticed a common recurring theme among the iPhone loyalists: The poor battery life of iPhone 5. Although the observations varied from user-to-user, everyone seemed to agree that the battery life of iPhone 5 isn’t what Apple markets it to be.

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How To Improve iPhone Battery Life

iPhone Gold Diamonds Case

For a long time, one of the knocks against the iPhone has been its “Not So Efficient” Battery Life. Every year, the CEO of Apple (Steve Jobs and now Tim Cook) takes the stage to introduce a new version of the iPhone, promising that this time it would be different; this version will have the Greatest Battery Life of All Time. And what’s more cool is that every year they seem to have a different name for the Battery: Lithium Ion, Quantum Reserve, Intergalactic Darth Vader Compounded Ion Battery, etc… you get the point. And every year, the iPhone Loyalists are left with nothing but disappointment. Now I’m not saying the iPhone’s battery is flat-out pathetic; don’t get me wrong. I just believe that Apple needs to do more to improve the battery life of its iOS devices, especially the iPhone.

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