iPhone Apps .vs. Android Apps

iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy

In this blog post, I’ll be attempting something that’s never been done before; or maybe it has and I just haven’t found a satisfactory answer to the Trillion Dollar question: iPhone Apps .vs. Android Apps – Which ones are better?

We have literally half the world, a generation of young and old folks divided in terms of which would they rather have – iOS Apps or Android Apps. I’ve tried Googling this question multiple times in hope of finding a definitive answer; and every time, I just ended up more confused and conflicted than when I started. The reason this question is so near and dear to my heart as an App Developer is because information is my most precious commodity – the more I know, the better decisions I can make, and the better my decisions, the better I can serve my end customers by offering the BEST available products and services. This exercise yields two results, and both are positive: (1) The customers are happy because they get the BEST Products. (2) I, as an App Developer, am happy because I’ve not just accomplished my goal of making my customers happy, I’ve also helped myself in the process as Happy Customers = More Sales. And I dare anyone to argue otherwise.

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