Finding Good iPhone Apps Is Harder Than You Might Think

Despite being THE MOST PROFITABLE app store in the world, you’d be surprised at the number of BOGUS apps listed on the iTunes App Store. With over $10 Billion in total app store sales last year (2013), one would expect that Apple would tighten its standards and demand exceptional quality from its App Developers; and although they’ve taken steps in recent years to eliminate some of the low quality apps from being approved and listed on the iTunes App Store, it’s still not enough. Every once in a while, you’ll notice that bogus/low quality template based apps like Flappy Bird find their way to the top of the iTunes charts, outta nowhere, thus leading unsuspecting users to believe that because this app is #1 on the Top Free Apps list or the Top Paid Apps list, it might be the BEST app on the iTunes App Store; which is simply NOT true. There are a million ways to get an app to rank #1 on the iTunes App Store. The fact is, the iTunes App Store is not perfect, and smart App Developers game their ranking system all the time, by generating fake (paid) downloads, and paid reviews. I’ll do a blog post on this, in which I’ll explain in more detail how the App Developers/Sellers game the system, and make millions off of unsuspecting users; but that’s a discussion for some other time.

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