Bloomberg Terminal .vs. Thomson Reuters Eikon – Which One is Better?

Stock Trading Floor

So, couple years ago, when I was a naïve idiot, I used to run a blog appropriately titled – Wall Street Fool. It was basically a place where I shared my investment ideas, technical analysis, opinions, and humor with the people on The Internet. At that time, I did a post comparing Bloomberg Terminal and Thomson Reuters Eikon – both of which are pretty good Financial Analysis and Trading platforms – which eventually became so popular, it was featured in one of the news articles published on International Business Times and other financial news sites/blogs. Since I shutdown Wall Street Fool in 2014, to focus on my App Development business, the post has since been erased from the Internet Archives .aka. Google Index. So, in light of the recent violent moves in the financial markets, and the constant uncertainty due to the incompetence of clueless Central Bankers, I thought that it would be a good idea to do some Finance centric posts, as opposed to the usual Technology posts.

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