How To Print From iPad

AirPrint Enabled Printer Canon iPad iPhone

Contrary to popular belief, Printers are not extinct just yet. Business, Colleges, Schools, Professionals, etc… almost everyone has or will use a Printer at some point in their life. And despite the fact that now we have Tablets and Smartphones that allow us to bypass a Printer to some degree, they can never fully replace an actually physical copy of a document printed straight out of a Printer. The reason I use the word “NEVER” is because we need to keep one thing in mind: All these Email, Messages, and Digital Signatures are not REAL .i.e. Tangible. They are just 1s and 0s (Binary) saved on a hard drive or server somewhere in an underground data center, that to be honest, can go dark at any given point of time, thus resulting in a complete loss of data. It happens.

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