My Smartphone Gave Me A Concussion

Football Concussion

So, here I was going about my daily business, staring at computer screens for hours at a time, watching flashing red and green lights, waiting for a signal, or to put it more aptly, for an opportunity to pounce on, all the while marveling at the irresistible power of capitalism, trying to soak it all in, and suddenly, I felt this sharp pain stabbing at the back of my right eye, like someone trying to push my eyeball with an icepick from the inside out; following that, I felt discombobulated and a strong sense of confusion that I’d never experienced before. This whole incident lasted for about 2 mins, and left me with a feeling of “Dude, there’s something seriously wrong with you man. You need to call your doc and get checked up ASAP.” I did just that and scheduled the earliest appointment with my doctor, who after thorough examination, concluded that my symptoms where similar to those of someone suffering from a head trauma or a concussion. It’s been eons since I last played any form of physical contact sport, which rendered his whole diagnosis incorrect. After going over a list of a zillion different causes, he asked me whether I was a smartphone junkie, to which I replied “Hell yeah I am!” To which he replied, “Aah, and therein lies your problem.” According to him, repeated use of smartphone for reading purposes .i.e. Texts, Emails, Articles, etc… can put serious stress on your eyes and your brain, and lead some serious complications, one of which is concussion like symptoms.

Now, let me be very clear here: This doctor that I went to, is a well-respected neurologist in our area, and believe it or not, I tend to agree with him. Ever since I began using smartphones for purposes other than simple phone-calls, my eye prescription has gone UP consistently every couple months, and I’ve had several instances where I’ve experienced being disoriented and mentally fatigued for no logical reason, other than that fact that I was using my smartphone for almost everything: texts, emails, news, articles, books, etc… With it tiny little screen, and bright LED screen, your smartphone is an agent of concussion like symptoms, when you don’t use it in moderation.

Ever since my visit to the neurologist, I’ve dramatically cut down on my smartphone use, and I suggest all the readers of this blogpost to do exactly that. Stay tuned for my next post in which I will be discussing some Tips that you can incorporate in your daily routine to safeguard yourself, your eyes, and your brain from the side-effects of smartphone overuse.

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