iWatch – The Next Big Thing?

Apple iWatch

Ever since Samsung introduced the ‘Samsung Galaxy Gear’ Smartwatch, speculations and rumors have been flying all over the place about a possible ‘iWatch’ from Apple. Although I would love to see Apple develop a wearable Smartwatch, I think the world isn’t yet ready to fully embrace wearable smart devices.

Change is GOOD. But too much of it can lead to undesirable consequences.

I personally believe that Apple should focus on the Apple TV and a possible spinoff of the iTunes App Store, rather than allocating its resources to creating a Smartwatch that people might not even buy. Or maybe they will, just because it’s Apple. The point that I’m trying to make is that Apple historically has been the Leader when it comes to innovation; not a follower. By following Samsung into the non-existent Smartwatch market, Apple will not only upset its incredibly loyal user base, but also the thousands of Investors who own nothing but Apple Stock in their “Diversified” portfolios.

At least that’s what I think should happen. What I think will happen, is Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO) will succumb to the pressure, and announce the iWatch at Apple’s next developer conference; I will be there when he takes the stage and announces the iWatch.

I like to think of myself as brilliant businessman and one of the BEST App Developer’s in the world. Being a former Wall Street Trader, I understand money. So, despite me not agreeing with Apple’s decision to follow Samsung and get into the Smartwatch (Wearable Devices) business, I certainly won’t oppose the move. I’ll be right here at App Store Download, developing great Apps for the iWatch.

As for the iWatch being the ‘Next Big Thing’, let’s just stop the madness. There’s but only so much you can do with a wearable device like the iWatch; unless of course if it has some sort of projector built-in, which would certainly make it the ‘Next Big Thing’ – until then, let’s just stop all the talk of the Apple iWatch revolutionizing the Tech World. In fact, from what I’ve heard and read so far, the iWatch will be nothing more than a wearable iPod-Mini.

In conclusion, I’ll just say this:

The Apple iWatch is not the ‘Next Big Thing’. It’s not going to revolutionize the Human Civilization; at least not YET. I personally believe the iWatch will be nothing more than a wearable iPod-Mini.

So don’t get your hopes too high.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below.


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