Glamourize – Custom Status Bar and Dock

We are proud to introduce our brand new app – Glamourize. You can now customize your Status Bar and Dock in seconds. With over 100+ Styles for both Status Bar and Dock, Glamourize is THE MUST HAVE app for all savvy iPhone users.

With the advancement of technology, our phones are no longer just a mere gadget to make and receive calls; today, our phones have become a part of our lives and thus it is really hard to separate a phone from its user. Our phones have become Smarter. We interact with our phones. So it’s only fitting to design an app that allows the users to customize their phones and give it a unique personality of its own. We’ve done just that with our brand new app – Glamourize.

The days of boring, uninspiring, dull, generic, etc… Status Bar and Dock are over. Glamourize is THE ONLY Complete Custom Status Bar and Dock app on the iTunes app store with No In-App-Purchases. Over 100+ Styles and Unique Designs at no extra cost. Glamourize gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Add to that the fact that the app comes with 50+ pre-loaded HD Wallpapers that you can set as your background to make you iPhone ever more AWESOMER !!!!

Glamourize is designed from the point-of-view of the end user, as such, it is extremely fast, efficient, and has a beautiful user-interface. Simply put, Glamourize is THE MUST HAVE for every iPhone user.

So what are you waiting for?

Indulge in some Vanity. Put some Bling on your iPhone. Transform your device into the object of everyone’s Envy. #IceUpSon.

Download Glamourize on iTunes App Store –


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