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Unlike Android, the iPhone doesn’t have a built-in Download Manager for downloading media files and documents directly from the internet. The most you can do on an iPhone is Save Images from Google to your camera roll; that’s about it. This, in my opinion, is a major setback for iPhone. The reason I say that is because a significant majority of iPhone users would love to have the ability to download files on their iOS device. Well, worry not! You’re at right place. Keep reading.

When the iPhone was first launched, the only way to accomplish this was by Jailbreaking your device, and installing 3rd party black-market download managers from the Cydia App Store. It didn’t take long for Apple to realize this, and as a result, Apple started approving Download Managers for its iTunes App Store. Ever since then, the App Store has been flooded by Download Managers, both FREE and Paid. Now, although I’m a huge proponent of buying Paid Apps, since they don’t have those annoying Ads, Download Mangers are an exception to that rule; because a lot of Download Managers are developed by respected App Developers and have non-intrusive Advertisements. With that said, in this post I would like to share a great Download Manager that I personally use on my iPhone to download Media Files and Documents directly from the internet.

iDownloader – Downloads and Download Manager:

iDownloader is a FREE Download Manager for iPhone that allows users to download Audio, Video, Docs, Archives, etc… directly on their iPhone. iDownloader is very organized and it has separate folders for different file types. iDownloader allows you to share your Files/Docs with your PC and Mac .via. Wi-Fi. iDownloader has a built-in WinZip and RAR extractor. iDownloader has a built-in document reader and supports PDF, DOC, PPT, TXT, Slideshows, and more. iDownloader also allows you to backup all your important data to iCloud and Dropbox.

Put simply, if you want a great Download Manager that is FREE and gets the job done, iDownloader is the right app for you.

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