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1) Duck Dynamite Slots – Free Slots and Casino Game For iPhone

Are you a big-time gambler? So am I; that is why today I want to tell you about this slick little slot machine app that is simply dynamite to play. Like you I love to gamble, and maybe like you I don’t have the time for the casino, or the money. Luckily this little app is a great way to get your gambling fix on the go without damaging your bank account.

For me, most slot games are a bit drab and get boring quickly. But this Duck Dynamite slot machine application always puts a smile on my face. Duck Dynamite has a beautifully designed User Interface (UI), which coupled with the unlimited gameplay and multiple betting options, make it one of the most addictive gaming apps on the app store.

The best part for me is the ability to keep tabs on credits and old scores so you can always see how good you’ve been doing in your winnings. And even better, there is soon to be a release of a set of leaderboards so you can begin to compete with other people who are also healthily addicted to this fun little slot game.

Ultimately, Duck Dynamite Slots gives you the freedom to gamble anywhere at anytime, without the hassle of heading over to the casino, or the worry of losing real money.

Another great feature that I really liked was the ability to toggle the sound on or off. While I love the crisp clear high quality sounds, and especially when I win, they are not always appropriate like say when sitting in the back of the classroom while the professor is giving a lecture. There’s really not much I would look to improve about this game, save the ability to compete with others who love slot apps, and that’s a feature which is already being developed and will soon be released.

I can say without a shred of doubt that this is one of the best slot machine games I’ve ever played on my iPhone. Once the competitive edge gets thrown into the mix, I can’t even begin to imagine what it will be like.

What I’m getting at here, is that for those of you who like playing slot games on your phone, Duck Dynamite Slots is a must have and should be downloaded right away.

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