App Marketing Strategy – Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Sharing

Let’s just say you developed a great App, the App was approved by iTunes, and now the App is LIVE on the iTunes App Store – now what? The App isn’t going to sell itself. You need to promote it; get the word out so the people know that your App exists on the iTunes App Store.

There are many ways to get the word out, but the most effective one is Social Media Campaigning. We live in a digital age, where information appears to travel faster than the speed of light – thanks to the Social Media revolution that has essentially taken over our lives. No matter what you think about Social Media, one thing is for certain: It is one of the fastest ways to disperse information and drive traffic to your Website or Products – which eventually might convert into actual tangible Sales.

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The Importance of Cloud Storage In App Development

Hate being redundant, but Cloud Computing is the FUTURE. No matter where you look, every company is scrambling to migrate all their data on the Cloud, so that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Think of Cloud as a Backup CD or Floppy Drive (if you still use them), that you can carry with you wherever you go. Just pop the CD and continue working on whatever project you were working on. It’s simple, and Highly Efficient.

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The Market for Android Apps Is Getting Too Crowded

Although this might sound a bit counter-intuitive, since we are in the business of App Development, I thought it would be nice to shed some light on the problems, standards, and the quality of apps that are listed on the Google Play marketplace for Android Apps. Compared to Apple, the quality of apps, not all, but certainly a (un)-healthy majority, listed on the Google Play store is pretty pedestrian to say the least. The reason being, anyone, even someone who learned coding watching YouTube videos, can list their apps on the Google Play store with little to no quality checks. As a matter of fact, any and all apps that are submitted to the Google Play store are automatically published without any legitimate formal review; which if you ask me is extremely frustrating for the end user, because they don’t really know exactly what it is that they are downloading .i.e Malware, Virus, etc… Because unlike Apple’s iOS, the Android platform can be hacked, thus giving unauthorized access to hackers, who can then use backdoors to access personal information stored on your Android device.

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