Trending Now: #RIPTwitter – The Age of Algorithms

RIP Twitter - Facepalm

If you haven’t already heard, Twitter died last night in a horrific train wreck brought about by the deadly head-on collision between overzealous corporate strategy and the wants of the average consumer. Beginning next week, Twitter will start rolling out some MAJOR changes to its platform, a large part of which will include Predictor Algorithms, whose primary purpose is to deconstruct user behavior patterns, and arrange the user’s Twitter Timeline in a priority based format, as opposed to the current real-time chronological format. Essentially, Twitter’s Algorithms will now decide what you, the user, like/dislike, and serve up content to you based on that criteria, instead of the usual real-time tweets. That’s fucking BULLSHIT! No wonder everyone on Twitter is fucking outraged by this new ass-fuckery, which in turn has caused the hashtag – #RIPTwitter – to be the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter for the past 30+ Hours. The whole reason why people use Twitter is for the rapid-fire real-time updates/Tweets. When you take that model and turn it upside down, what you get is fucking Facebook and it’s fucking ‘Top News Stories’ Algorithms deciding what content is appropriate for you and what content should be discarded from your Timeline.

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Super Bowl 50: The Final Prediction

Panthers Broncos Super Bowl 50

Well, if it weren’t for Andy Reid’s now legendary Clock Management, and Vontaze Burfict almost decapitating Antonio Brown from the neck up, and the Packers defense choking as always in the OT loss against the Arizona Cardinals, my previous NFL Playoffs predictions were almost on point! The operative word here is ‘ALMOST’…. With that said, I’m one of those gambling addicts that won’t stop until I get my just due, which is why I’m going to make a bold prediction today; so much so, that my prediction might just cause idiot Stephen A Smith @ First Take to spontaneously combust while screaming and simultaneously race-baiting people into thinking that I’m only making this prediction because Cam Newton is BLACK!

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Must Have Antivirus Apps For Android – 2016 Edition

Antivirus Android Apps

“OMFG!!! I’ve Been Hacked!?$?!”

I received that text from my GF last week, and all hell broke loose – literally and figuratively. My GF, who is a regularly relapsing Smartphone addict, has this habit of using her Samsung Galaxy for EVERYTHING – surfing, emails, texts, cloud, pics, financial info, social security numbers (parents, her, and mine), credit cards, etc… I don’t remember ever seeing her using an actual Computer – like a laptop or a desktop. So obviously, while surfing one of those shady-amazon-discount-coupon sites, her phone got jacked by a malware, which downloaded itself onto her phone. Thankfully, given the way the Android OS is designed, externals APKs require the explicit authorization of the user in order to begin installation. She wasn’t aware of this and freaked the fuck out.

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NFL Playoffs Predictions – 2015/16 All-or-Nothing Edition

Super Bowl 50 Logo


It’s that time of the year where Men and Women around the United States are glued to their Televisions for the latest news, injury reports, and analyst predictions about what the future holds for their beloved NFL teams, and how deep of a run can they make in the playoffs. In case you haven’t noticed, or maybe I forgot to mention this, but I am a HUUUUGGGEEE fanatic of Football, The NFL, and above all, THE Green Bay Packers – the greatest sports franchise in the history of EVER! It’s just feels like the right time for me to throw my 2 cents and the accompanying predictions out there, and hope that they come true, so I’ll have something to brag about this offseason.

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The Wire .vs. Breaking Bad – Which One’s Better?

The Wire Poster

The question that’s been setting the IMDb message-boards and the Internet on FIRE for the past couple years, really isn’t that hard to answer. People make it out to be some sophisticated BS, but truth be told, there’s one TV show that reigns supreme and it’s not even that close. Yes, I’m indeed talking about The Wire. Hand’s down one of the greatest TV shows of all time – this coming from a dude who watched Breaking Bad first and then binged the shit on The Wire. As an avid fanatic of Gangster Movies and TV shows, for years I thought that Breaking Bad was the greatest TV show created by Man, and I would go ape-shit on anyone who argued otherwise. Breaking Bad – Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Gus, etc… the whole gambit was unlike anything I’d ever seen. Simply mesmerizing. Then, last month, December 2015, I finally got around to watching the 1st season on The Wire, and motha-fuckeeerrrrrr, it was straight FIREEEEEEEE!!!!

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The Social Media Detox


I’ve been clean for almost 2 weeks now. Feels good finally getting back to normal. I have my whole life ahead of me, and I truly believe that I can do and accomplish anything!

Bitches, I’m done with Social media. After years of being addicted to Tweets, Retweets, Likes, Shares, and all the fuckery that accompanies being a Social Media junkie. There’s nothing Social about being on Social Media. It’s the exact opposite: The Anti-Social Media. People spewing shit all the time, hating on each other, bitching and moaning about shit that’s irrelevant to their existence, and feeling good about themselves while do so. It’s the perfect fuck-salad of hate, anger, disgust, depression, and flat-out bitch-fuckery!

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Windows 10 Might Be The Greatest Operating System (OS) of All Time!

Windows 10 Screenshot

I’m a born and bred Microsoft guy: a hardcore loyalist and an occasional apologist. But despite my blind loyalty, even I couldn’t defend Microsoft’s retarded-ass decision to do a complete revamp of the OS and shove Windows 8 down everyone’s throat. In my opinion, Windows 8 was an OS designed specifically for people with the cognitive abilities of a demented circus and the depth perception of an earthworm. It was one of the worst fucking Operating System’s I’d ever used. Just aaahhhhhh!!!! Thankfully though, Microsoft atoned itself and washed away its sins with the Windows 10 OS, which is my opinion is the greatest operating system I’ve ever used. Just simply fucking fantabulous. Continue reading

BREAKING: J.J. Abrams Found Guilty of Brutally and Mercilessly Murdering ‘The Force’

Star Wars The Force Awakens Poster

May the farce be with you!

After months and months of hype and shameless promotions, Star Wars finally hit the theaters yesterday and it was an unmitigated disaster. A disaster unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed in my life. What the fucking fuck, JJ – you self-righteous scum.

Abrams is one of the greatest con-artists in human history. Lost, then Star Trek, now Star Wars – this guy doesn’t give a flying fuck about the audience, or the fandom associated with some of these historic franchises; the only person he gives a fuck about is JJ Abrams.

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Big Changes In 2016

New Beginnings

After almost a year of mediocrity and not paying much attention to THE App Store Download blog, I have decided to complete do a 180 and focus more on the blog and content side of things, as opposed to just developing Smartphone Apps. Which is why, as we inch closer to the end of this year, and slip into a new beginning with renewed hope, rejuvenated mind, and a refreshed body, I’m going to go all in and focus on making one of THE premier websites for Technology, Science, Sports, Entertainment, and Political Commentary. It’s going to be an absolute RIOT and I’m pretty confident that you guy’s will surely love and embrace this new strategy. Also, hopefully, with the blessing of the ‘Money Gods’, I’m planning on a complete overhaul of the website with a brand new logo, and a much more fluid user-experience – that shit costs a lot of dough, bruhhh (approx. $10 to $15K).

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Football Concussion

My Smartphone Gave Me A Concussion

So, here I was going about my daily business, staring at computer screens for hours at a time, watching flashing red and green lights, waiting for a signal, or to put it more aptly, for an opportunity to pounce on, all the while marveling at the irresistible power of capitalism, trying to soak it all in, and suddenly, I felt this sharp pain stabbing at the back of my right eye, like someone trying to push my eyeball with an icepick from the inside out; following that, I felt discombobulated and a strong sense of confusion that I’d never experienced before. This whole incident lasted for about 2 mins, and left me with a feeling of “Dude, there’s something seriously wrong with you man. You need to call your doc and get checked up ASAP.” I did just that and scheduled the earliest appointment with my doctor, who after thorough examination, concluded that my symptoms where similar to those of someone suffering from a head trauma or a concussion. It’s been eons since I last played any form of physical contact sport, which rendered his whole diagnosis incorrect. After going over a list of a zillion different causes, he asked me whether I was a smartphone junkie, to which I replied “Hell yeah I am!” To which he replied, “Aah, and therein lies your problem.” According to him, repeated use of smartphone for reading purposes .i.e. Texts, Emails, Articles, etc… can put serious stress on your eyes and your brain, and lead some serious complications, one of which is concussion like symptoms.

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