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Memory Games iPhone

The Best Memory Games For iPhone

As a former Wall Street Trader, I was required to remember and keep track of a zillion things; from company earnings, to important economic announcements, to meeting a VIP Client for lunch, and so on… Often times, I used to find myself losing track of things, and sometimes even confused

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iPhone Gold Diamonds Case

How To Find A Lost iPhone

Have you lost your iPhone? Are you planning to lose your iPhone? If you answered YES to any of those questions, don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’m not here to psychoanalyze you, or point fingers. The HOW is not important. You lost your iPhone; end of story. Now we need

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Future Technology Phone iPhone

The Future of Mobile Technology

With more users willing to adapt to the latest advancements in technology, companies are pushing the boundaries of human imagination and innovation. Companies are constantly in pursuit of the next big idea. iPhone, iPad, Kindle, etc… Gadgets that once only seemed to exist in Hollywood fantasies, are now available at

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Get The Latest Live Soccer Scores on FotMob

There are three things in life I simply cannot live without: Football (American), Soccer, and Basketball. Being a sports nerd and a die-hard fan, I understand how important it is to always stay on top of things, and keep track of all-things-sports, while away from my TV. It’s hard man!

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Batman Slap

The Market for Android Apps Is Getting Too Crowded

Although this might sound a bit counter-intuitive, since we are in the business of App Development, I thought it would be nice to shed some light on the problems, standards, and the quality of apps that are listed on the Google Play marketplace for Android Apps. Compared to Apple, the

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Beware of Free iPhone Apps

Let’s be honest, EVERYONE, irrespective of their bank balance, loves FREE stuff. Whenever we read the word FREE, we tend to immediately pounce on it, without thinking even for a moment exactly what it is that we’re get ourselves into. A wise man once told me, “Son, NOTHING in this

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Why You Should Never Jailbreak Your iPhone

One of the easiest ways to get your iPhone bricked and rendered useless, is to Jailbreak it. By Jailbreaking your iPhone, you are essentially surrendering all your rights to the phone, as it is no longer supported by Apple. Add to that the fact that Jailbreaking considerably slows down your

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The Average Approval Time For iTunes App Store

As more and more people/businesses start developing and publishing their apps on the iTunes App Store, the average wait times for approval are expected to lengthen. Despite its $150+ Billion in cash treasure trove, it is truly shocking that Apple still hasn’t figured out a way to speed-up its App

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Social Media Icons

How Much Does App Development Cost?

Whether you are a budding Entrepreneur or just someone curious about the process of App Development, Distribution, and Marketing, I believe the information I’m about to share in this blog post will definitely help you better understand the REAL COSTS of developing a successful app. To give you a brief

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