Trademark Infringement 101: Dismantling a Big-Money Bully

Batman Slap

So, in case you guys didn’t notice, it’s been a while since my last post, for which I would apologize, if I weren’t busy obliterating a Big-Money Bully trying to take down one of my most popular Apps from the iTunes Apps Store, on the basis that I was somehow infringing upon his trademark, to which I say: NIGGA, PLEASE!

In this blog post, I would like to share some excerpts of my email exchange with said bully and Apple’s Legal Team, and my hope is that if any of you come across a similar situation, you can use some of what I did to bitch-slap the bully trying to take your bread-and-butter away from you. Of course, every situation is different, but the core principles still apply. Plus, you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on mothafuckin Lawyers and their “Billable Hours”.

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The Power of Rebranding Your Apps


As app developers and business people in general, one of the biggest challenge we face is to make sure our products stay relevant. It is one thing to create an out-of-the-world awesometastic product, it is a different thing to get people to buy the product. I’ve seen countless Apps on the iTunes and Google Play Store that were just fucking – aahhhhh – well designed and well developed, but there they were just sitting there in the App Store Wasteland, generating little to none revenue for the poor App Developer. I can say this with confidence because I been on the receiving end of having my apps relegated to the wastelands.

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Greatest iPhone Games of All Time


So, last night I was just passing by some App Development message boards, and I came across an intriguing and simultaneously vicious thread where Devs were going at each other hard, arguing about which iPhone Games were the G.O.A.T.

Not one to argue with strangers on the inter-webs, I decide to do a separate blog post instead. Keep in mind, my list is highly subjective, and if you don’t agree with me, well then, Go FUCK Yourself! My apologies if that came off a bit rude.

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Bloomberg Terminal .vs. Thomson Reuters Eikon – Which One is Better?

Stock Trading Floor

So, couple years ago, when I was a naïve idiot, I used to run a blog appropriately titled – Wall Street Fool. It was basically a place where I shared my investment ideas, technical analysis, opinions, and humor with the people on The Internet. At that time, I did a post comparing Bloomberg Terminal and Thomson Reuters Eikon – both of which are pretty good Financial Analysis and Trading platforms – which eventually became so popular, it was featured in one of the news articles published on International Business Times and other financial news sites/blogs. Since I shutdown Wall Street Fool in 2014, to focus on my App Development business, the post has since been erased from the Internet Archives .aka. Google Index. So, in light of the recent violent moves in the financial markets, and the constant uncertainty due to the incompetence of clueless Central Bankers, I thought that it would be a good idea to do some Finance centric posts, as opposed to the usual Technology posts.

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Tim Cook: Enemy of The State


So, I woke up this morning and saw Tim Cook trending on the Twittah, thinking to myself, WTF did he do now? Sure enough, the self-righteous fuck, along with the slave factory that is Apple, sent out a press release stating firmly that they will not abide by a direct order from The State .i.e. The Federal Government, to help them unlock the San Bernardino, citing moral and ethical concerns, and vowing to fight The State. To Tim Cook, and Apple – FUCK YOU!

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#TheFlash – Zoom’s Identity Revealed

The Flash - Zoom

You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

That quote is LIFE; not to mention, it is also the genesis of the origin of THE Fastest Man Alive: Professor Zoom.

The Flash, which airs on CW at 8 PM EST on Tuesday’s, at the moment, is my favoritest TV show, and there’s no close second. This show is on another level, bruh! If you’re not a fan of the show, or haven’t watched it yet, this post might not be of particular interest to you, and as such, I suggest you stop reading right about now, and go watch all the previous episodes from Season 1 and 2. For those you are avid fans of the show, keep reading.

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Best Mobile Advertising Platform For iOS and Android

Mobile Ad Revenue 2016

Given the insane exponential surge in the number of Apps and App Developers over the past couple years, it has become virtually impossible to generate legitimate revenue from PAID Apps. Given so many alternatives out there, people simply don’t want to pay for Apps any more, especially when they can get the same features and functionalities for FREE. I’m not saying anything new here – that’s a proven fact. So many App Developers are going homeless these days because they quit their job in the hopes of making a Zukerberg-esque living from selling Apps and In-App-Purchases, only to find out that you have to spend twice as much on advertising and promotions, just to generate pennies on the dollar, which after you deduct the marketing expenses, results in negative net income. That’s the whole fuckery of the App business, and it takes a whole lotta guts to stay in the game despite all the failures. Take it from me, I’m currently living this reality myself.

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