New Beginnings

After almost a year of mediocrity and not paying much attention to THE App Store Download blog, I have decided to complete do a 180 and focus more on the blog and content side of things, as opposed to just developing Smartphone Apps. Which is why, as we inch closer to the end of this year, and slip into a new beginning with renewed hope, rejuvenated mind, and a refreshed body, I’m going to go all in and focus on making one of THE premier websites for Technology, Science, Sports, Entertainment, and Political Commentary. It’s going to be an absolute RIOT and I’m pretty confident that you guy’s will surely love and embrace this new strategy. Also, hopefully, with the blessing of the ‘Money Gods’, I’m planning on a complete overhaul of the website with a brand new logo, and a much more fluid user-experience – that shit costs a lot of dough, bruhhh (approx. $10 to $15K).

Also, NO. MORE. CENSORSHIP. I’m give a huge big fat stinky finger to the asterisks and $@%#$ symbols that I’m been using to censor profanity in my blog posts – FUCK THAT SHIT. I ain’t gonna do none of that, B! Fuck the grammar gods for creating the concept of Double-Negative. Fuck Double-Negatives! I ain’t never done nothing not right – I’m on my Stanley-Kubrick-and-Christopher-Nolan-fucking-Kim-Kardashian-while-Kanye-Hunger-Gamed-by-Eminem shit thing morning. I’m so pumped, my ting dick could literally go supernova and create a singularity. That’s how real shit’s gonna get in the coming weeks and months.

With that said, welcome to the future of nothing, bitches!

Posted: December 15, 2015 at 10:32 am

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