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Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone

1) Spiffy Social – The Best Photo Editing App For iPhone – Developed by App Store Download

If you’re like me then you’ve got a creative side, and especially when it comes to fixing up, or making spiffy those otherwise dull photos.  Thanks to our exceptional team of App Developers here at App Store Download, we now have Spiffy – the best photo editing app for the iPhone. This simple to use photo editor, has many useful features and preset designs in a minimally setup User Interface (UI).

Spiffy takes the abilities of hard to use photo editors and condenses them down into one easy to navigate and use application, making it one of the best photo editing apps available on the app store today. There are literally dozens of effects that can be used; the preset designs are beautiful and elegant. And the lighting effects editor livens up those dull lowly lit photos that sometimes get taken with an iPhone.

Most photo editing apps for the iPhone are unstable, full of glitches, and just never seem to work right. And the ones that do work right tend to be a bit on the tricky side to learn at best, usually being nearly impossible for the everyday person to pick up and use to edit a photograph.

People like ease and simplicity. The Spiffy photo editor is the simplest, easiest, and the most efficient photo editor you’ll ever use.

A beautiful design and professional photo editing tools are not the only features that separate Spiffy from other photo editing apps. Spiffy also boasts fully customized social media integration.

People love to share, and Spiffy gives you the ability to share your newly edited photos on all of your favorite social networking sites .i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc… Photos edited using Spiffy are sure to garner praise from your friends and boost your popularity.

Basically within a matter of minutes, you can take a photo, edit it to your liking, and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or a list of other popular networks with a few touches of the screen.

There’s no need for messy photo editors anymore. You’ll quickly see why Spiffy is the best iPhone photo editing app to date. The best part is, that this app is still new, so you can safely assume that you will be getting new updates to design layouts and all sorts of frames and other enhancements as the app progresses.

Basically, once you download Spiffy, you’ll never have to download another photo editor app in your life.

Rating: 10/10

Download Spiffy Photo Editor on iTunes App Store –

2) InstaCollage Pro – Collage Creator For iPhone – Developed by Click2Mobile

Taking pictures and editing them is all well and good; but if you want to make the most out of your pictures, there’s no better way to do it than to combine all of them in a single Collage. For me personally, a Collage is more powerful than any single picture. A Collage perfectly captures the essence of multiple moments in a single frame. Although one can perfectly capture a moment and treasure it for life with a picture, I believe a picture doesn’t tell the whole story. There have been so many instances when I go to someone’s house and they have a picture of a certain moment hanging on their wall – a moment that is probably more precious to them than anything in this world – and I’m always filled with a sense of emptiness .i.e. I’m not impressed. And it’s not because I’m a professional A-Hole, but I’m the kind of dude who wants to know HOW and WHY – how did this a particular moment came about? What led to that moment? Why is this moment so important to this person? In short, I want to know the STORY behind that moment, which would make me appreciate it even more. A single picture or photograph just doesn’t do justice to the Humanness/the Human Element of a MOMENT – you need something to breathe life into those lifeless pixels. That’s when a Collage comes into play.

The InstaCollage Pro App is one of the best Collage Creators on the iTunes App Store. The App has been downloaded by more than 30 Million users! And although the InstaCollage Pro App is not exactly perfect, it’s certainly pretty close to it. As for us, we probably have the greatest Photo Editing App in the world – The Spiffy Photo Editor. In future updates, we plan on adding the Collage feature to Spiffy, so you don’t have to download a million different Apps for creating the Perfect Collage. Until then, I recommend downloading the InstaCollage App.

Rating: 8.5/10

3) Rookie Photo Editor – Nice Photo Editing App For iPhone – Developed by JellyBus Inc.

Don’t let the name fool you. The Rookie Photo Editor is one of the best Photo Editing App available on the iTunes App Store. As much as it pains me to say this, since we’re talking about my direct competitor here, the Rookie Photo Editor is a MUST HAVE for every iPhone (iOS Device) user. The Rookie Photo Editor has a wide array of Filters that can make your pictures even more awesome. What separates Rookie from other photo editors is the fact that Rookie has Live Filter Camera – which means that users can apply Filters to their photos in Real-Time. Not just that, Rookie has some really cool photo editing tools – especially the cool Badges and Stickers that transform your photos into talking objects. The only downside of the Rookie Photo Editor is that it has a LOT of In-App-Purchases. So you gotta pay every time you want to unlock a certain feature, or buy additional Stickers/Badges. Although the App is listed as FREE on the iTunes App Store, if you want to unlock all the key features, you’ll have to upgrade to the FULL VERSION, which is around $4.99. Now even though that’s not a lot for a quality and well designed App like Rookie, it’s enough to discourage potential user from downloading this App.

Either way, the Rookie Photo Editor is a really nice App. If you’re passionate about Photography, and have $5 to spare, I highly recommend downloading the Rookie Photo Editor App.

Rating: 7/10

4) Color Splash – Unique Photo Editing App For iPhone – Developed by Pocket Pixels Inc.

All the other App Developers and Sellers out there, please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that apart from Games, the Photography and Video is the largest App category on the iTunes App Store. I’ve been closely following Apple’s Top 10 Apps list for a number of years now, and there hasn’t been a single day when there isn’t at least one photo editing app on the list. The reason for this is quite simple: People love to take pictures. Users are constantly looking for Apps that allow them to instantly edit their photos and upload them to social media websites. The iTunes App Store is filled with Photo Editing Apps; most of them are mediocre at best. But every once in a while, an App comes along and shakes things up a bit. Being an App Developer myself, I know how hard it is to come up with a unique and fresh idea, let alone rank in the Top 10. There’s an App that has done just that:

The Color Splash Photo Editing App.

The App first came to my attention when I saw a bunch of photos on Facebook edited using the Color Splash Photo Editing App. I was intrigued, and I decided to try the Color Splash App, because believe me, my friends don’t know D**K about Photo Editing or Professional Photography in general – the fact that they were able to edit their photos like a PRO, is pretty special.

So I went ahead and purchased the Color Splash Photo Editing App for $0.99. After extensively testing the App, I gotta admit – The App Is DOPE! The first thought that crossed my mind was: Why The F**K Din’t I Think of This? Simply because the idea is so fresh and unique, and the fact that the App was recently ranked in the Top 10 Paid Apps List – so the jealousy on my part is pretty justifiable.

Oh! Silly me. I totally forgot to tell you guys what the App is really about.

Here’s a quote from the makers of Color Splash:

Color Splash lets you quickly and easily give photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping your chosen details in color. This effect draws the viewers’ attention to the colored areas, creating striking images.

Basically, the Color Splash Photo Editing App can make your photos look like this:

Color Splash Photo Editing App For iPhone

Nice, well designed Photo Editing App. Definitely worthy of being mentioned on our list of Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone and Android.

Rating: 8/10

5) Facetune – Excellent Photo Editing App For iPhone – Developed by Lightricks Ltd.

Our imperfections are what make us HUMAN. That said, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in vanity from time to time; striving to be the best version of ourselves. A lot of us, no matter how blessed we are with natural beauty, are never content with what we have. We always want more. Even the most beautiful woman in the world, is not satisfied with her beauty. Add to that the fact that Humans age, and grow old, as a result of which it’s impossible to retain your natural beauty forever. At some point, you gotta let it go. Unfortunately, many people refuse to do so, and instead spend thousands of dollars just so they can look and feel young; feel beautiful. I’m not a huge fan of this idea of artificial beauty, and I do not in any way, shape, or form, endorse it.

Now, I understand that there are people out there who don’t give a F**K about what I think; they just want to feel HAPPY again; and they’ll stop at nothing to achieve or acquire the things that make them happy. For those people, there’s an App that’s better, faster, and easier to use than Adobe Photoshop: The Facetune App.

The Facetune App is like a digital Plastic (Cosmetic) Surgeon. It’s basically a photo editor that allows you to remove/erase all the imperfections on your face, like Wrinkles, Acne, Dark Spots, Yellow Teeth, etc… instantly. With the Facetune App, you can add Makeup, Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Enhance Your Eyelashes, and do a million different things with your Photos to make them look as perfect as possible. The Facetune App is great for sharing Photos and Selfies on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc… The Facetune App is so good at editing you photos, people won’t even notice the difference.

Here’s a list of all the things the Facetune App can do for you:


  • Emphasize your smile
  • Widen or refine your smile
  • Whiten and brighten your teeth


  • Smooth and rejuvenate your skin
  • Remove temporary imperfections like pimples and blemishes
  • Brighten dark circles under your eyes
  • Improve your skin tone


  • Emphasize your eyes for a penetrating gaze
  • Change your eye color
  • Remove red and white-eye effects


  • Turn back time and color over grey hair
  • Fill bald patches
  • Remove stray hairs


  • Refine jaw lines
  • Heighten cheek bones and brows
  • Reshape your nose
  • Totally transform your face into alien or other fun shapes


  • Apply any shade of blush and eyeshadow
  • Add volume to your lashes and shape your brows
  • Add color to your lips
  • Add intensity to your natural lip color

Overall, the Facetune App is an excellent Photo Editing App.

Rating: 9/10 – Definitely a MUST HAVE Photo Editing App for iPhone. Highly Recommended For Both Men and Women.

6) PicLab HD Design Studio – Nice Photo Editing App For iPhone and iPad – Developed by Roberto Nickson

One of the most popular Photo Editing Apps on the iTunes App Store, the PicLab HD – Design Studio App gives you the biggest bang for your buck (if you’re willing to pay extra to unlock certain features). Although the PicLab HD is somewhat identical to App Store Download’s very own Spiffy Photo Editor, it does have some unique features that separate it from the rest of the bunch. Like for example, the ability to add custom artwork, or layer-based editing to your photos; only a handful of Apps on the iTunes App Store offer these features, and PicLab HD is one of them.

The other thing I really like about the PicLab HD – Design Studio App is its Beautiful Design and User-Interface. Me personally, I’m a Visual Guy. So if something doesn’t look right, I tend not to waste my time and energy on it. For me, presentation is everything. You could have the greatest content in the world, but if you just slap it on with couple lines of code, without putting much thought into the Design and User Interface, your App will probably end up in a Binary Wasteland, where Apps and Dreams go to die. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of App Developers find it so hard to make a decent income selling Apps – they don’t pay enough attention to detail.

Overall, PicLab HD is a great Photo Editing App. The only negative, in my eyes, is the Million In-App-Purchases you have to make, in order to take full advantage of all the features of the PicLab HD – Design Studio App. I mean seriously dude, how greedy can you be. You’re already selling the App for $1.99, and on top of that, you’re asking users to pay extra to unlock certain features – that’s BS. For that, Roberto Nickson (if that’s even his real name), Mr. Creator of the PicLab HD – Design Studio App, you deserve a big F**K YOU.

Rating: 7/10

7) Mextures – Nice Professional Photography App For iPhone – Developed by Merek Davis Com, LLC

Being an App Developer, I constantly have to keep an eye on and monitor my competitors – both old and new. Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is turn on my computer, go to the iTunes App Store, and scan every single App Category for new and interesting Apps. It takes about 15 to 20 Minutes, but it’s totally worth the effort. Today (August 3rd 2014), while going through the “Photo & Video” Category on the iTunes App Store, I found the Mextures App. The App is worth $1.99 – so I had to purchase the App just so I could test it and see it for myself what all the hype is about. Surprisingly, the App is pretty good – Well Designed, Simple Code, Fast, and has Great User-Interface.

The primary function of the Mextures App is adding various Effects and Textures to your photos. Although the Mextures App does a lot of different things that are pretty basic and can be found in ANY good photo editing App, I was really impressed by the huge array of Textures that the App has to offer. Other note-worthy features in the Mextures App are “Infinite Layers” – which allows you to stack virtually unlimited number of layers for beautiful blending effects – and a feature know as “Inspiration Feed” – which basically is a curated feed of some of the best photographers who use Mextures; you can use the “Inspiration Feed” to get some inspiration for your own Professional Photo Editing Pursuits.

The Mextures App has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Men’s Journal, Mashable, CNET, Uncrate, Cult of Mac, Fstoppers, and on AppAdvice.

Overall, a pretty good photo editing App.

Rating: 8/10

8) Split Pic – Collage Photo Editor and Blender – Developed by Easy Tiger Apps, LLC.

One of the most popular Photo Editor on the iTunes App Store, Split Pic is quickly becoming my personal favorite, and go-to App for quick and multi-layered edits. Split Pic is a unique App that allows users to divide their camera into several sections with over 6 different layouts to choose from, thus adding a new dimension to your photographs. With Split Pic, you can blend different colors, layouts, layers, and do all sorts of things to create stunning special effects.

But what truly separates the ‘Split Pic – Collage Photo Editor and Blender’ from similar Apps on the App Store, is the fact that Split Pic allows users to collaborate with their friends and family on photo editing assignments, thus ensuring that the end result is something everyone can be proud of.

The only downside I can think of is the fact that the Split Pic App has a lot of expensive In-App-Purchases (IAPs) for unlocking certain features and filters. Since the App is offered for FREE, it makes sense that the App Developer might want to make money through other ways/means, which I understand and I’m not gonna get on him/her for that. Although, instead of purchasing individual IAPs, I would suggest purchasing the “Unlock Everything” IAP for $2.99.

Overall the “Split Pic – Collage Photo Editor and Blender” is an excellent Photo Editor for iPhone. Since the App is FREE, I would suggest at least giving it a TRY and see if you like it.

Rating: 7.5/10

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Anand Upadhye

Anand Upadhye

Anand Upadhye is a former Wall Street Trader with over 12+ years of experience trading Stocks, Options, Futures, and FOREX. Anand is also the Founder and CEO of App Store Download.
Anand Upadhye

Anand Upadhye

Anand Upadhye is a former Wall Street Trader with over 12+ years of experience trading Stocks, Options, Futures, and FOREX. Anand is also the Founder and CEO of App Store Download.

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