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Mobile Ad Revenue 2016

Given the insane exponential surge in the number of Apps and App Developers over the past couple years, it has become virtually impossible to generate legitimate revenue from PAID Apps. Given so many alternatives out there, people simply don’t want to pay for Apps any more, especially when they can get the same features and functionalities for FREE. I’m not saying anything new here – that’s a proven fact. So many App Developers are going homeless these days because they quit their job in the hopes of making a Zukerberg-esque living from selling Apps and In-App-Purchases, only to find out that you have to spend twice as much on advertising and promotions, just to generate pennies on the dollar, which after you deduct the marketing expenses, results in negative net income. That’s the whole fuckery of the App business, and it takes a whole lotta guts to stay in the game despite all the failures. Take it from me, I’m currently living this reality myself.

Fortunately, there are some revenue generation alternatives that you can explore, one of which happens to be Non-Intrusive Banner Ads, which if nothing else, at least will help you make couple extra bucks every month from your Free Apps.

I’m pretty beat-up today, which is why I won’t be doing an extensive post on the topic – maybe in the near future – but, I would like to share some quality Mobile Advertising Platforms with you, which you can explore on your own and see if they fit your revenue needs/goals.

Here’s a list of 3 Mobile Ad Platforms that I personally use in my Apps to serve Non-Intrusive Ads:

  • Google Adsense For Mobile
  • Apple iAd Platform
  • AppsFire
  • ChartBoost

Type any of those names in Google, and start exploring the revenue structure, etc… to find the best fit for you and your Apps.

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