Best iPhone Apps

The difference between a Good iPhone App and a GREAT iPhone App is: Quality and Execution. The iTunes App Store is filled with mediocre/sub-par/template based Apps, that are designed for the sole purpose of deceiving the end-user into downloading the App just to be bombarded with Zillion annoying ads and pop-ups every time the user opens the App. That’s not the way to do Business. Here at App Store Download, we pride ourselves for developing only the Best Apps that are user-friendly, efficient, fast, and most importantly, Apps that the users actually want to use. All of our Apps are free of advertisements. For us, customer satisfaction is paramount. We NEVER compromise the Quality of our Apps, just so we can make few extra bucks. That’s not how we operate. Each and every single day, we strive to Develop/Acquire the Best Apps for iPhone, Android, Windows, and other mobile platforms.

On this page, which is updated on a regular basis, you can find the Best iPhone Apps currently listed on the iTunes App Store. All the Apps on this page have been Tested and Perfected by our highly skilled team of App Developers. So you can rest assured that you are getting only THE BEST product.

Best iPhone Apps

1) QuickNotes – Best Notepad App For iPhone and iPad

QuickNotes is a Simple, Fast, and Efficient notepad app, specifically designed from the point-of-view of the end user. Its unique Gesture-Based and user friendly interface makes QuickNotes THE MUST HAVE APP for every iPhone and iPad user. You can now Add/Delete notes with a simple Swipe gesture; and the best part about QuickNotes is that it’s extremely lightweight and hence really FAST.

Rating: 10/10

Download QuickNotes on iTunes App Store –

2) Spiffy – The Best Photo Editing App For iPhone

Creative and eye-catching photos no longer require hours of computer time using expensive software. Where ever you go and regardless of your photographic experience, you can easily create amazing and incredible photos that get attention. All you need is the Spiffy app. This app is a full-featured tool that allows you to transform your photos for your personal enjoyment or to share with friends on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!

Rating: 10/10

Download Spiffy Photo Editor on iTunes App Store –

3) Never Have I Ever – Best Fun Drinking Game and Party App For iPhone

Update October 7th 2015:

A new version of Never Have I Ever is now available on the iTunes App Store. With this new versions, we’ve officially changed the name of Never Have I Ever to NHIE Power 1000™.

The Never Have I Ever app is a unique game that challenges the game players to divulge juicy secrets about themselves while taking shots. As the game progresses, the players become more and more intoxicated. That’s when the fun really begins!

Rating: 10/10

Download Never Have I Ever on iTunes App Store –

4) Holy Alarm – Excellent Bible Study App For iPhone

Embrace your faith. Get closer to GOD, with this unique Bible Study App. Despite its name, the Holy Alarm Bible Study App is UNIVERSAL and can be used by anyone, irrespective of their Religion. Keep in mind, it’s the message that is really important. Holy Alarm has hundreds of inspirational quotes and prayers that’ll help you stay grounded and appreciate the present moment; the NOW. With the chaotic world that we live in, with so much of noise around us, I believe it’s really important that we not lose sight of the things that make life worth living. No amount of money is worth losing sleep over. At the end of the day, all of us need something that’ll help us relax and appreciate the gift of life; be grateful for the loved ones in our life who care about us. And in my personal experience, there’s no better way to accomplish this than to embrace our spiritual side. The Holy Alarm Bible Study App has certainly changed my life, and I hope it does the same for you.

Rating: 10/10

Download Holy Alarm on iTunes App Store –

5) Glamourize – Excellent HD Wallpapers, Lock Screens, and Themes App For iPhone

Glamourize is probably the most complete Wallpaper Customization App on the iTunes App Store. In case you weren’t aware of this, the Apple iOS doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to Themes, Wallpapers, and Personalization in general. As such, users are forced to rely on external Applications to accomplish even the simplest customization tasks. The problem however, is that a majority of wallpaper customization apps on the iTunes App Store are very poorly designed, and have a lot of In-App-Purchases; users have to pay every time they want an additional wallpaper, or want to unlock a feature. I don’t know about you, but I call that THEFT. That’s no way to do business. And the few apps that are well designed, don’t have all the features; so you basically have to download 3 or 4 separate apps to customize a single wallpaper; that’s pretty time consuming. Thankfully, the Glamourize Wallpaper Customization App takes all the important features, and packages them into one app. That way, users don’t have to download a million different apps to customize a single wallpaper. Just download the Glamourize app and you’re set.

The Glamourize Wallpaper Customization App allows users to customize their Home Screen by adding a Bar at the Top and the Bottom of the wallpaper, thus giving the effect of Colored Status Bar and Dock. As an added bonus, the Glamourize App also comes with over 50+ HD Wallpapers; and best of all, there are No In-App-Purchases. None. Just buy the App once and that’s it. You get the FULL VERSION, with Free Updates for LIFE.

Here’s a list of the key features of the Glamourize Wallpaper App:

  • 50+ Status Bar Styles
  • 50+ Dock Styles
  • 50+ HD Wallpapers
  • No Advertisements
  • No In-App-Purchases

Rating: 10/10

Download Glamourize on iTunes App Store –

6) ColorSquared – Custom Wallpaper Creator For iPhone

ColorSquared is based on a simple idea: The Grid. All you have to do is pick your favorite colors from the color palette and just paint The Grid. You can create stunning HD wallpapers in just seconds. ColorSquared is extremely lightweight, it’s really fast, and its Gesture-Based Interface makes the user experience even more fun and fluid.

Rating: 7.5/10

7) Find My iPhone – The iPhone and iOS Device Tracking App Developed by Apple Inc.

Whether you own an iPhone or any other iOS Device, the Find My iPhone App is a MUST for everyone. I don’t care who you are; whether you’re just an average Joe or the President of The Untied States of America, you need to have the Find My iPhone App installed on your iPhone or iOS Device. You just do. In a world where our lives are so dependent on Technology, one simple misstep can cause far reaching ripples that could turn into a Tsunami that destroys everything in its path. Of course I may be exaggerating a bit, but I want you to understand the gravity of the situation. Today, our Mobile Devices contain some much information about ourselves and our lives, the mere idea of losing my iPhone sends chills through my spine. There have been countless cases where a Celebrity or a person in Power (Government Official, Company Executive, etc…) lost their iPhone (Mobile Device), only to find all their private info plastered all over the internet – Contacts, Pictures, Videos, Messages, Emails, Credit Card Info, Bank Accounts etc… That’s some serious s**t man!

Fortunately, there is a way you can track your lost iPhone (iOS Device) and remotely erase all your data, while at the same time having all your important data backed up on the Cloud, without breaking a sweat! That’s exactly what you can do with the Find My iPhone App. The fact that the App is Developed and Recommend by Apple, is just another reason to download it.

Here’s a list of the key features of the Find My iPhone App:

  • Locate your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac on a map.
  • Play a sound for two minutes at full volume (even if your device is set to silent).
  • Remotely lock your device with a Passcode.
  • Display a custom message on the Lock Screen.
  • Remotely erase all the content and settings on your device.
  • Lost Mode (iOS 6 or later).
  • Driving directions to device location (iOS 6 or later).
  • Battery charge indicator.

8) Google Translate – The Best Language Translator App For iPhone – Developed by Google Inc.

You know sometimes, there are things in life that you don’t think you’ll ever NEED, until you do. A majority of people, no matter where they live – United States, Germany, France, Japan, etc… – will probably never travel abroad at any point in their lives. They live and die in the same place. In fact, I’ve met some people in my lifetime, and believe me they do exist, who’ve never even ventured past the boundaries of their Town/City, let alone leave the Country. If you’re one of those people, I suggest you stop reading right about now, and go check out the wonderful Apps on App Store Download. As for those of us who love adventures, experiencing different cultures, and meeting new people, one of the biggest hurdles we face is the “Language Barrier”. Let’s be practical here: Not all of us are smart enough to know 10 different languages; in fact, most of us can barely speak the languages we know (Hint: Charles Barkely). This BS that we’ve been fed throughout our life: “English is THE Global Language. Everyone in this world can speak English.” – FALSE. I visited Prague (Czech Republic) last year, and no one there could speak English. I had a really hard time communicating with people, even for the most basic needs like Hotels, Restaurants, Cabs, etc… It’s really frustrating. Thankfully, there’s an App that solves this problem, and partially bridges the communication gap: The Google Translate App.

The Google Translate App can translate over 80 Languages. All you have to do is Talk into the microphone of your iPhone (iOS Device) and select the language you want your words translated to. That’s it. The App will translate your words, and you can put them on a loud speaker, so that the person you’re trying to communicate with can hear them as well. Of course you can reverse this if you want words from a different language translated to English – or any other language. And the best part is that the Google Translate App is totally FREE.

So what are you waiting for? Go download the Google Translate App and unleash the Traveler inside you.


Even if you’re not a huge traveler, you can still use the Google Translate App to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations. I don’t recommend it, but it’s certainly fun.


9) Ultimate Guitar Tabs – The Best Guitar Tabs, Chords, and Lyrics App For iPhone – Developed by Ultimate Guitar

I was recently forced to take Guitar classes by my Girlfriend, who just so happens to be a Music and Arts Major. Although at first I was kinda hesitant, I must admit, it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Being a Wall Street trader, I’m constantly working under a lot of stress and pressure; sometimes to a fault. There are days when I go without Food, Water, and Sleep, just so I could make that one trade before the GDP or Unemployment Numbers come out, so that I can get the hefty year-end bonus. And the worst part is, over the years, I’ve become addicted to the stress; to a point where I can’t even have a normal conversation without bringing up Stocks, Bonds, Futures, CDS, or getting in an argument over the Government’s lack of direction, and bad Economic Policies. I know it sounds strange, but that’s what money or lack of it, does to you – it drives a person insane. Because of this, my health has suffered grossly over the years – I have back problems (lower-back pain), knee pain, insomnia, etc… Thankfully, I have people in my life who care about me enough to sit down and make me realize the harmful effects of the self-destructive path that I was on. So, I took my Girlfriend’s suggestion, and joined a Guitar class right here in New York City – I did that for one thing and one thing only – PEACE OF MIND. I want nothing more than a good night’s sleep. And Music has helped me achieve that.

At first, playing the Guitar was pretty challenging for me. My fingertips were sore as F**K. But over time, I got the hang of it, and after 4 months, I can play the Guitar like a PRO.

Anyone who’s ever played Guitar knows that after a while, it could get a bit boring if you don’t switch things around. Thankfully, there’s an App on the iTunes App Store that has over 800,000 Guitar Tabs – so that playing Guitar never gets boring – The Ultimate Guitar Tabs App.

With Ultimate Guitar Tabs, you can literally keep playing Guitar for eternity. The Ultimate Guitar Tabs App has Chords and Tabs for all the popular songs – Old and New. They’ve got a monstrous database that they update on a regular basis. All you have to do is plug-in the name of your favorite song, and the App will give you the Chords and Tabs for the song.

Here’s a list of the key features of the Ultimate Guitar Tabs App:

  • Popular songs from latest releases
  • Chords, notes and guitar scores for more than 400,000 songs
  • Chord diagrams with notes’ placement on fretboard. Each chord features multiple variations
  • Free daily updates
  • Оffline access to favorite tabs
  • Quick search by type, difficulty, tuning and rating
  • Autoscroll

Guitar Tools:

  • Accurate Tuner
  • Precision Metronome
  • Chord Library with more than 2 million chords

10) Videoshop – Video Editor For iPhone – Developed by Joseph Riquelme

There are a lot of Great Photo Editors on the iTunes App store, and only a handful of really good Video Editors. Traditionally, the most popular Video Editing Tools have been the Windows Movie Make and Adobe Premier Pro CC – or at least that’s what I use for all my Video Editing needs. Although those software are really good, they are not really optimal for videos shot on the iPhone or iOS Devices. The reason I say that is because it’s a hassle to connect your iPhone to the computer every time you shoot a video and want to upload it to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or any other video sharing sites.

Thankfully, there’s an App on the iTunes App Store that allows you to edit videos instantly, and share them to popular social media and video sharing sites – The Videoshop Video Editor For iPhone and iPad.

With Videoshop, you can add custom Music/Voiceovers, add Filters, Trim, Merge Clips, add Text, add Animated Titles, add Transition Effects, etc… to your videos within minutes and upload them directly to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, etc… It’s really cool and super efficient.

The only negative; well not negative, but a minor deterrent, is the fact that the App supports HD videos only up to 720p. With companies like Apple and Samsung, using picture quality and HD displays as a differentiating factor, I believe the 720p will soon be extinct – just like its predecessors 240p, 360p, and 480p. I believe 1080p and Higher, is the future of Smartphone Photography. With that said, 720p is perfect for social media sharing sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Vine. Plus, I believe that if necessary, the company/developer that supports Videoshop, will add HD (1080p) support in future updates. The Videoshop App is actively managed and updated on a regular basis.

Nice Video Editing App. Highly Recommend.

11) SoundHound – Music Search and Discovery App For iPhone – Developed by SoundHound Inc.

Have you ever been in a situation where you hear (LISTEN) a song on the radio or the background, and you really like it; but before you know it, the song is over, and you’re left kicking yourself for not retaining the lyrics so that you could do a Google search for the song later? I don’t know about you, but being a Music Nerd, I constantly find myself in these situations, and I tend to go nuts when I’m unable to find the song. Thankfully, the brilliant folks at SoundHound Inc. recognized this problem, and developed a kick-ass solution for it: The SoundHound Music Search and Discovery App.

Don’t be deceived by the ranking. To me, SoundHound is easily the #1 Best iPhone App ever created. Although, if memory serves right, Shazam was the first Music Identification App on the iTunes App Store, over the years, the Shazam App has gone from BAD to WORSE. Despite being one of the most downloaded Apps of all time, the makers of Shazam just don’t seem to give a flying F**K about the users, and have decided to load the App with annoying advertisements; and if you want to get rid of the Ads, you gotta pay $6.99 – so they’re making money from the Ads as well as the In-App-Purchases. Greed, I tell you! On the other hand, SoundHound is FREE, and doesn’t have a lot of Ads. Although SoundHound also has an In-App-Purchase of $6.99 to remove Ads and Unlock Extra Features, an average user can go without ever buying the In-App-Purchase, and still be perfectly fine. Because, SoundHound’s Ads are not really Ads, but more like Promotions for New Music. SoundHound makes money every time users download a Song/Music through the App. So it’s not like you have all these in your face pop-up kinda Ads. And as for Unlocking Extra Features, I don’t believe there’s a need to pay $6.99, because the sole purpose of SoundHound is Music Search and Discovery – Music Identification; which can be accomplished with the FREE Version of the App. So you don’t really need to pay anything for the App.

Overall, SoundHound is one of the BEST and the most well designed Music Identification App I’ve ever used. I highly recommend downloading this one.

12) Instant Heart Rate – Heart Rate Monitor For iPhone – Developed by Azumio Inc.

To be completely honest, I didn’t even know technology like this even existed. When I think of a Heart Rate Monitor, I usually think of a large device that you strap around your arm, and wait for a couple minutes, after which the device spits out a number on the screen. Although there’s nothing wrong with these arm-band Heart Rate Monitors, it’s really hard to use them outside of a Gym or Workout setting. Heart Rate Monitor + iPhone = Impossible!!! At least that’s what I thought at first when I heard about the Instant Heart Rate App. I mean if an iPhone came some external accessories or something, I could have understood. But How The ‘F’ do you monitor heart rate .via. The Camera Lens. It’s beyond me, and I’m still trying to figure it out. I don’t know how they did it, maybe it’s MAGIC, but the folks at Azumio Inc. have figured out a way to do just that. All the use has to do is gently place their index finger on the Camera Lens of their iPhone (iOS Device), and that’s it. The App will give a pretty accurate measurement of your heart rate within couple seconds.

According to the makers of Instant Heart Rate, the App leverages a technique used in Pulse Oximeters to detect the pulse from your fingertip .via. iPhone’s Camera. Now, I don’t know what Pulse Oximeters are, and neither do I care; the fact that the App works and gives accurate reading is all I care about.

According to Azumio Inc. more than 25 Million Users are already using the Instant Heart Rate Monitor App, and it was also recently featured in Apple’s TV Ad for iPhone. So the App is a pretty big deal.

Although the App is listed as FREE, if you include the In-App-Purchases, the App costs around $5 – which is totally worth it. I mean compared to the expensive heart rate monitors out there, that require charging/changing batteries and stuff, $5 is pretty reasonable.

No matter who you are, or how active you are, you’ll probably need a Heart Rate Monitor at some point in your life. I highly recommend downloading the Instant Heart Rate App. The best $5 you’ll ever spend.

13) MotionX GPS Drive – Excellent GPS App For iPhone – Developed by Fullpower Technologies Inc.

The cheapest GPS Device (Car) on the market today costs upwards of $100+. That’s the cheapest. If you want a more advanced GPS, like the Garmins and TomToms of the world, you better be ready to spend at least $200. And even then, there are some hidden costs of owning a GPS Device (Car) that not a lot of people seem to factor into their decision making when buying a GPS. The most obvious cost of having a GPS Device out on public display is: Theft.

There have been countless instances where I forgot to remove my GPS and take it home with me, only to wake up next morning and see the windows of my car shattered and the GPS stolen. This kind of stuff happens all the time. A stolen GPS can easily be sold on eBay for at least $100 – that’s incentive enough for people to steal them. Back when I was living in Nashville Tennessee, my GPS was stolen Twice; and I didn’t just have to buy a new GPS, but also replace the Car Windows. It was frustrating as F**K, but there’s not a lot you can do about it.

The other problem with GPS Devices (Garmin, TomTom, etc…), is that after a while, their maps become outdated; and if you want to update your maps, you gotta pay EXTRA – around $90 to $100. I don’t know about you, but to me that’s A LOT just for updating old maps.

Thankfully, there’s a way to avoid all these problems of owning an actual GPS Device – The MotionX GPS Drive App.

After downloading and testing a bunch of GPS Apps, I’ve come to the conclusion that the MotionX GPS Drive App is the best GPS App on the iTunes App Store.

According to the makers of MotionX GPS Drive:

MotionX uses the latest TomTom maps, Apple search, and live predictive traffic information from INRIX to deliver the most complete navigation solution designed exclusively for the iPhone.

The MotionX GPS Drive App has won a lot of accolades and garnered a lot of praise from various media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Chicago-Sun Times,, etc…

Grade: A+. Highly Recommended For All iPhone Users.

14) WiFi Map Pro – Passwords For FREE WiFi – Developed by WiFi Map LLC

One of the greatest fictional characters of all time, Mr. Gordon Gekko, once said “Greed, for the lack of a better word, is GOOD.” – Clearly he wasn’t talking about Main Street .aka. The Common Man/Woman/Child. No matter where you go these days, everyone seems to be after your money. Things that were once FREE, now cost a fortune. For example: Free WiFi. I remember the days when you could just walk into a coffee shop or sit on a bench in Central Park (New York City), and enjoy Unlimited Free WiFi connectivity. Now, every time you try connecting to a wireless network, you get a little message on your browser asking you for your credit card number; and unless you give them your credit card number, you cannot access the internet – irrespective of the circumstances. It’s frustrating as F**K!

There wasn’t a lot we could do about it, until now. Thanks to the WiFi Map Pro App, you can now get Passwords for WiFi Hotspots around the world, for FREE. Yeah, you heard me – FREE. The WiFi Map Pro is the largest community of WiFi users on the iTunes App Store, who love helping others. The App has Passwords for over 1 Million WiFi Hotspots around the world – including all the major cities like New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, etc…

So the next time you’re in New York City, and you want to use WiFi, all you have to do is pull up the WiFi Map Pro App, and it’ll show you the nearest WiFi Hotspots, and their Passwords.

The WiFi Map Pro App is definitely a MUST HAVE for all iPhone and iPad users.

Here’s a list of some key features of WiFi Map Pro:

  • The WiFi Map Pro community has more than 1,900,000 users.
  • The WiFi Map Pro App contains over 1,200,000 WiFi Hotspots around the world.
  • The WiFi Map Pro App shows you WiFi Hotspots with Tips and Passwords.
  • The WiFi Map Pro App works both Online and Offline.
  • SMART Cafe, Hotel, City and Country Search.
  • Map Navigation.
  • Online Customer Support.

Grade: A+. Highly Recommended For All iPhone and iPad Users.

15) XE Currency – Best Currency Converter and Exchange Rates App For iPhone – Developed by Inc.

If there’s one App worthy of being mentioned on any Top 100 Apps List, it would be the XE Currency Converter App. Whether you are a High School Student, a College Student, an Executive, a World Class Athlete, or just someone who loves to travel around the world and experience new cultures, at some point in your life, you’ll be required to participate in a Currency Exchange – either on paper or in real life – at that point, you’ll need a tool that gives you the most Up-To-Date information so that you can make wise decisions. Of course there are thousands of Currency Converters on the iTunes App Store; but none of them are as accurate as the XE Currency Converter.

The XE Currency Converter App is an extension of – one of the world’s largest Foreign Exchange (FOREX) sites. was founded in 1993, and their data is used by many FOREX Traders and Wall Street Firms. So you can rest assured that you’re getting the best product. Secondly, unlike other Unit Conversion Apps, the XE Currency Converter is really simple and easy to use – anyone, from a 5 year old child to a 90 year old individual, can use the XE Currency Converter App. All you have to do is select your base currency and just enter the number of Units you want converted; the App will do the rest.

For example, if you want to see how much $1 is worth in Europe (EURO) or Japan (YEN), you can simply select the USD (US Dollar) as your base currency and enter $1 – the App will give you an accurate exchange rate for all the major currencies in the world. It’s pretty cool. And best of all, the XE Currency Converter App is totally FREE.

The XE Currency Converter App has been downloaded an astounding 20+ Million Times, and featured on BBC, CNN, LA Times, and the Travel Channel. As an App Developer, I can only imagine my Apps accomplishing those feats.

Overall, the XE Currency Converter is an exceptionally well designed App and definitely worthy of being mentioned on App Store Download’s List of Best iPhone Apps.

Grade: A+. Highly Recommended For All iPhone Users.

16) ESPN Radio – Best Sports Radio App For iPhone – Developed by ESPN Inc.

If there’s one App, that’s misunderstood, underrated, and underappreciated, it would be the ESPN Radio App For iPhone. I mean my god, one of the greatest Sports App ever created has a rating of 2 Stars on the iTunes App Store. 2 STARS! Are you kidding me! There are very few Apps on the iTunes App Store that I appreciate and respect, and the ESPN Radio App is one of them. What this App has to offer to the billions of passionate sports fans around the world, is simply priceless. For example, I’m a diehard Green Bay Packers fan, and I live in New York City. Here in New York, all the Sports Radio stations talk about is the New York Giants and the god awful New York Jets. Prior to the ESPN Radio App, the only way I could listen to the Wisconsin and Green Bay Area Sports Radio Stations was .via. The Internet and Podcasts. Although there’s nothing wrong with listening to Podcasts, it’s hard to do that when you’re sitting at your desk in the office, when a million different people have access to your computer. Not just that, at the office, any other websites other than the ones that relate to your work, are RESTRICTED. You simply can’t access them. I tried to access .via. Proxy once, my boss called me to his office to have a little One-on-One chat. I know it’s F***ED Up, but that’s the world we live in today; and I don’t blame the companies, because they hired us for a reason, and I’m pretty sure surfing the internet for personal use wasn’t one of them.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand: The ESPN Radio App For iPhone.

With the ESPN Radio App, as long as you have access to the internet on your iPhone, you could be sitting on top of Mt. Everest and you’d still be able to listen to your favorite local Sports Radio Stations. Now, when I say Sports Radio Stations, of course I’m referring to the local ESPN Radio Stations around the United States. I personally listen to ESPN Milwaukee and ESPN Chicago.

This is just one of those Apps where you just have to ignore the ratings on the iTunes App Store, download the App, and try it for yourself, and see if you like it or not.

Grade: A. Highly Recommended For All Sports Fans.

17) Star Walk 2 – Excellent Stargazing and Astronomy App For iPhone and iPad – Developed by Vito Technology Inc.

When I’m not Trading Stocks or Developing iPhone Apps, I like to lay on my back, on the moist grass at Central Park (New York City), gazing at stars for hours at a time. I don’t know why or how I got into it, but I LOVE ASTRONOMY!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been curious to know what’s out there – the twinkling stars and galaxies, are they real or just a figment of my imagination? What is that ring around Saturn? Is there extraterrestrial life out there or are Humans the only living/conscious beings in the Universe? I spend hours thinking about these questions, hoping to find an answer to the meaning of life.

Although I’ve always had this curiosity of what lies out there beyond Earth, I never really invested a lot of time learning about Astronomy; until now. Recently, I purchased the ‘Star Walk 2 – Guide To The Sky and Night’ App on the iTunes App Store – and boy oh boy! I’m so glad that I did. The Star Walk 2 is the dopest Astronomy App on the iTunes App Store. Star Walk 2 is an excellent stargazing tool that helps you find Constellations, Nebulas, and Star Clusters in the night sky.

According to the makers of Star Walk 2, here’s how the App works:

As you hold your phone up and point it towards the sky, Star Walk 2 follows your motions using the built-in gyroscope to match the map on your screen to the stars seen from your location. Easily find any star, constellation, or satellite in the sky by tapping Search. Star Walk will indicate the direction to look in.

The Star Walk 2 App has a lot of cool features that will leave you in Awe of just how beautiful the Universe (Cosmos) really is.

You can purchase the Star Walk 2 App for $2.99 on the iTunes App Store.

Grade: A+. Highly Recommended For All iPhone and iPad Users.


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Anand Upadhye

Anand Upadhye

Anand Upadhye is a former Wall Street Trader with over 12+ years of experience trading Stocks, Options, Futures, and FOREX. Anand is also the Founder and CEO of App Store Download.
Anand Upadhye

Anand Upadhye

Anand Upadhye is a former Wall Street Trader with over 12+ years of experience trading Stocks, Options, Futures, and FOREX. Anand is also the Founder and CEO of App Store Download.

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