It’s been almost 3 months since I made the switch from my iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S5. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my Samsung Galaxy, but the past few weeks have got me thinking whether I’ve made a huge mistake by switching from iOS to Android. In order to fully understand my dilemma, you first need to understand the reason WHY I made the switch, which makes this whole situation even more painful for me.

Reasons Why I Switched From iPhone (iOS) to Samsung Galaxy S5 (Android):

Battery Life: My iPhone was killing me with the battery life. Charge the damn phone overnight and the battery only lasted for up to 7-8 hrs. I understand Wi-Fi and 4G drain the battery pretty past, but c’mon man! An iPhone 5 that Apple claims to have 15-17 hrs of battery life, should not f**king choke after just 7 hrs.

Limited Number of Apps: The iTunes App Store, although one of the largest App Store’s in the world, has a very limited selection of Apps given the rigorous vetting process that Apps have to go through before they are approved. Because of this, many really good Apps are either rejected or the iTunes Ranking Algorithm banishes them into oblivion. This makes finding good Apps on the iTunes App Store pretty hard. Plus, given the way the iOS is developed, App Developers don’t have a lot of latitude or incentive to think out of the box. Contrast that with Android which is open-source and offers developers a lot of flexibility to develop almost any App imaginable. As such, the Google Play App Store has some of the best and most creative Apps, most of which are FREE. Being an App Developer myself, this is something that resonated with me and influenced my decision to switch to Android.

Reason Why I’m Having Buyer’s Remorse Now That I’ve Finally Made The Switch To Android:

Battery Life and Overheating Core: I’ve downloaded almost every App that there is on optimizing battery life on the Google Play App Store, but my Android Device just won’t f**king cool down. The Samsung Galaxy despite being a transcendental innovation, is trash without a decent long-lasting battery. One reason for the battery being drained so quickly in Android Devices is the fact that even after you close/exit the Apps, the OS for some reason reactivates them and keeps them running in the background. By Apps, I mean the core Apps that come with the Android OS. I’ve tried uninstalling most of the garbage worthless Apps but to no avail.


Don’t make the switch to Android if you love your battery life, or don’t want your device exploding on your face while you’re having a nice conversation with your loved one.

Posted: March 12, 2015 at 9:55 am

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