AirDrop For iPhone – Use AirDrop To Share Content With Other iPhone Users

Remember the days when only the rich and the chosen ones could share content using Infrared and Bluetooth?

For the young folks out there who probably got an iPhone on the day they were born, Mobile Devices were pretty expensive back in the day. In fact, only a select few people could afford to own Mobile Phones. Not just that, but the monthly bill was upwards of $500, and ran in the thousands for some folks. The concept of data sharing on mobile devices wasn’t even invented at that time. It was not until 2003-2004 I believe, when NOKIA introduced their latest Symbian OS and a lineup of what back then were considered as “Smartphones”, that people could share content .i.e. Contacts, Photos, Ringtones, Messages, etc… wirelessly.

There were primarily two ways to share data (wirelessly) back then:

  • Infrared
  • Bluetooth

Infrared was the first, and then came Bluetooth.

With Infrared Data Sharing, you basically had to take two devices and hold them together or as close as possible to the Infrared Port, and wait for an alien invasion; at least that’s what it felt like, because it took forever to transfer simple data from one device to another. But that changed after the introduction of Bluetooth, which made data transfer between two Mobile Devices really easy, and it was considerably faster compared to Infrared. As technology advanced, the Bluetooth evolved and as I type this post on 20th May 2014, the Bluetooth Sharing in today’s Mobile Devices (Smartphones), is the FASTEST it has ever been. Now users can share large amounts of data over Bluetooth within minutes. It’s simply remarkable.

Which brings us to the topic of this blog post: AirDrop.

Isn’t that a cool name – AirDrop. Has a certain feel to it.

AirDrop is basically a feature in the iOS that allows users to wirelessly share content .i.e Contacts, Photos, Music, Videos, Movies, Notes, etc…

With AirDrop, users can share content .via. Bluetooth or Wi-Fi with multiple users at the same time.

So, without further ado, here are the steps to Enable AirDrop and How To Use AirDrop To Share Content With Other iPhone Users:

Turn ON AirDrop:

AirDrop iPhone Contacts
AirDrop iPhone

1) Swipe from the bottom of your screen to reveal Control Center. (Upward Swipe Gesture)

2) Tap AirDrop

3) Choose one of these options:

Off: Turns Off AirDrop

Contacts Only: You iOS is visible only to your contacts.

Everyone: Your iOS is visible to all nearby iOS devices that use AirDrop.

Share Content:

AirDrop iPhone Photos
Select (Tap) The Content You Want To Share

You can share content from Apps such as Photos, Safari, Contacts, and more. To share:

1) Open the App and tap on the share icon or symbol. It’s basically a square box with and arrow point UP.

2) Depending on the App, tap the content or additional items you want to share.

Choose Someone Nearby:

AirDrop iPhone Sharing
Select The People or iOS Devices You Want To Share Your Content With

Tap the name of a nearby AirDrop user or the iOS 7 Device.

Accept The Sharing Request:

AirDrop iPhone Message
Accept or Decline The Data Sharing Request

The other user receives an alert with a preview of the content you want to share; which they can either Accept or Decline.


In order to share content using AirDrop, both users need to have one of the following iOS 7 devices:

  • iPhone 5 or later
  • iPad (4th Generation)
  • iPad Mini
  • iPod Touch (5th Generation)

You’ll also need to Turn ON your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

If you want to share with your contacts, sign in to your iCloud account.

And that’s it!

You’re all set.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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(Source: Apple)


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Anand Upadhye

Anand Upadhye

Anand Upadhye is a former Wall Street Trader with over 12+ years of experience trading Stocks, Options, Futures, and FOREX. Anand is also the Founder and CEO of App Store Download.
Anand Upadhye

Anand Upadhye

Anand Upadhye is a former Wall Street Trader with over 12+ years of experience trading Stocks, Options, Futures, and FOREX. Anand is also the Founder and CEO of App Store Download.

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