Is Social Media To Blame For The Recent Rise In Social and Political Unrest?

Social Media

Given the events that are taking place around the world, I believe it is a fair question to ask. Prior to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, historically, if one were to look at the number of instances of Social Unrest/Mass Protests, one would notice that the actual number of these instances was pretty low. But since the advent of Social Media and its widespread usage, it seems like every other day people are protesting about something that they believe is wrong with the world we live in; and before you jump on me and bust my balls, NO, I’m not being sarcastic – I’m just stating the facts as I see them.

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Best Fantasy Football Apps For iPhone

NFL Fantasy Football

If you are a die-hard football fanatic like I am, and love playing fantasy sports, I would like to share some really cool Apps that’ll help you elevate your fantasy game to a whole new level.

Today, fantasy sports are a huge part of our culture; more so in America. The fun, excitement, and thrill of picking the perfect lineup for a given weekend, and the ability to compete with not just your family and friends, but MILLIONS of other fantasy owners, all of whom are trying to out-game and out-strategize each other; some playing for the bragging rights, while others playing for REAL MONEY – it simply doesn’t get any better than this. Especially in a sport as unpredictable as FOOTBALL, where everything is week-to-week, and you never know now who might show up or which player might just go berserk on a given Sunday – the thrill and challenge of the process leading up to the actual 1 PM EST kick-off is what has made Fantasy Football so popular. For me personally, Fantasy Football is one of those guilty pleasures of life that I simply can’t get enough of.

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How To Post Full Size Images on Instagram – No Cropping

Instagram Logo

As a result of Instagram’s never-ending quest to primarily be a Mobile Platform, many users find themselves in a situation where they can’t post pictures to Instagram .via. Desktop, or 3rd Party Applications – and when they do post pictures using their Smartphones, Instagram forces them to Crop those images; which is total and complete BS if you ask me. Because of this, users are forced to post half-baked and incomplete images on Instagram, thus defeating the whole purpose of a social network that’s solely based on Image Sharing.

Luckily, there are ways and alternative methods that you as a user of Instagram can use to post Full Size images on Instagram without having to Crop those images.

There are Apps available for both iOS and Android Devices that automatically resize your images and make them fit in the Instagram’s Crop Square. It’s actually pretty easy and effortless.

So, without further ado, let’s get straight to it.

List of Free Instagram Image Resizing Apps For iPhone (iOS)

List of Free Instagram Image Resizing Apps For Android

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below.

Note: Make sure to bookmark this page to stay up-to-date on the latest and new Image Resizing Apps For iPhone and Android.

Best Memory Games For Android

Now that I’ve seen the light, and officially converted to a full-fledged Android-ian – I’ve been doing some digging around the Google Play Store, and I must admit, I’m freakin’ blown away by the awesomeness of Android Apps. Because of the fact that there aren’t a lot of restrictions on Android Apps, you can find some really cool and useful Apps that otherwise wouldn’t be available on the iTunes App Store.

So over the next couple days/weeks, I’ll be testing some cool Android Apps and I’ll be dropping my Reviews right here on App Store Download.

In this blog post, which will be updated on a regular basis, I’ll post Reviews for the Best Memory Games on the Google Play App Store .i.e. Android App Store.

So, without further ado, let’s get straight to it.

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Now Hiring Tech Contributors and Bloggers

iPad Typewriter

At App Store Download, we are constantly working towards offering our customers and readers the best quality content – ranging from Software, to Latest News in Technology, and even Financial Analysis of Tech Stocks. At the moment, we have two full-time writers, including myself. With growing number of visitors and daily readership, we are finding it hard to keep up with the demand for new and fresh content. As such, we decided to open ourselves to the possibility of working with other Contributors, Bloggers, or Businesses, that are looking to expand their online presence and promote their services, while at the same time providing users with Valuable and Actionable Insights. Topics with primary focus on Technology, Smartphones, and Mobile Apps are preferred.

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Why I Traded My iPhone For a Brand New Samsung Galaxy S5

iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy

I’m DONE!!!!

After almost 5 years, I’ve decided to give up and move on from my iPhone – more specifically iOS – and explore the new realm of possibilities with the Android OS. To be quite honest, it’s not even the iOS. I’ve just grown tired of the BS coming out of Apple, rehashing the same old products, and shoving it down the blind iZombie crowds’ throats – “Here, have this new iPhone 6, which is the same as the iPhone 5, except this one has a bigger screen.” – #Bullocks!

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What’s Next For Oracle After Larry Ellison?

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison

Not Much.

I’m sorry, but even with Larry Ellison at the helm, Oracle hasn’t done much in the past decade. There was a time when Oracle was one of the biggest and baddest player in the Tech Sector. During the Dot Com Bubble of 2000, Oracle DBAs were literally getting paid 250-300K Annually. With the emergence of other players in the Database Solutions and Cloud Computing sector, Oracle has been in a steady decline over the past couple years. The YoY Earnings have been dismal to say the least. The lack of innovation and the willingness to make large strategic acquisitions, are just some of the reasons why Oracle has lost its dominance in the Technology Industry. At a time when Oracle should have been at the forefront of, and anticipated, the Cloud Computing Revolution, Oracle was basically on the sidelines waiting for someone to throw the Challenge Flag. Unfortunately, this was like the Packers and Bears NFC North championship game last year (2013-2014), where Aaron Rodgers flung the rock to Randall Cobb on 4th and 8 with just 40 Seconds left on the clock, and bodied the Bears hopes of advancing to the playoffs. In this scenario, Oracle is the Chicago Bears. By the time Jay Cutler got the ball back, it was already too late.

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